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Plenero Granite Genuine Panama Hat
Plenero Granite Genuine Panama Hat
Plenero Granite Genuine Panama Hat

Plenero Granite Genuine Panama Hat

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Mr. Lerner's tribute to the traditional Spanish Caribbean hat. Impeccably hand woven.

  • A uniquely weaved, wide brim panama hat.
  • Consists of a delicate, granite-colored weave that brings to mind the classic era of the 20s. 
  • Adorned with a broad, high-quality ribbon and bow that complete the classic look.

Handwoven products of quality are harder to find as everything becomes automated. With this piece, you’re purchasing the care and passion that Gustavo Lerner has for his designer genuine panama hats. There’s no other hat that will effectively portray unparalleled style while displaying a curated appreciation for hand-crafted products. Stay sharp with this everyday hat that can change your entire summer in one swoop. --Made From--


  • Woven with ethically aquired natural toquilla palm, just like traditional panama hats. 
  • Completely hand-woven in grade 4 quality
  • Brim size: 2.5 inches
  • Crown Size: 4 inches
  • Handmade in Ecuador by Gustavo Lerner

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