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Paso Fino Ventilé Noir Genuine Panama Hat

Paso Fino Ventilé Noir Genuine Panama Hat

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In the equestrian world, to be covered is as important as not falling from the horse. This is Mr Lerner’s interpretation of the exhilaration of the sport itself.


  • A classic men’s hat style with a different look.
  • Characteristic, eye-catching pattern allows the distinct, curved brim to stick out.
  • Vaulted crown creates a unique profile that highlight the shape of the hat.
  • Wide brim provides excellent sun protection.

Unlike other popular men's hats, this distinctive piece possesses an interesting shape and a truly individualistic pattern. The optical illusion, hypnotizing pattern woven into the wide brim of this panama hat renders it a stylish and interesting piece. Due to it’s gentle, natural hued weave it pairs well with all colors and would not be out of place in any setting. Look instantly presentable and unique in this sharp panama hat.



  • Open weaved crown
  • Two-tone upward tilted brim
  • Brim: 3.5 inches
  • Crown: 4 inches
  • 100% natural toquilla palm
  • Hand woven with precision by Gustavo Lerner in Ecuador


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