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The Right Hat For Me

In order to find the right hat you need to answer the following questions:

When am I going to use it?

If the hat is for sun protection during the summer you have to take into account if you will be going to the beach, golfing, watching an outdoor sport or going to an outdoor cocktail. For an outdoor sports and casual event you might want a wider brim more casual hat. Meanwhile for an evening event or more dressier attire you can use a smaller to medium size brim.
During the winter you would like to know how resistant to the winter conditions is the hat because the harder the hat is the more resistant it will be.

What is my Frame type?

The proportion of the brim can also be dependent on your body frame. Larger people and more structural look better with a wider brim. Meanwhile, smaller frames look better with a smaller brim.

Hat Crown - Crown size is something that usually doesn’t get any attention but it can be determinant to finding the right hat.
Rounder faces and short height look better with a larger crowns
Long faces and taller people look better with a shorter crows.

What is my skin tone?

Skin tone is another fundamental aspect of selecting the right hat. There should be a contrast between the hat wearer and the hat. Darker skin tones look better with a lighter hat and light skin tones look better with a darker color hat.

What will I use it with?

Another factor is that if you will be matching your hat to a specific outfit or with the shoes or purse.

In summary, What should I ask myself when buying a hat?
  • When am I going to use it?
  • What is my frame type?
  • What is my skin tone?
  • What will I use it with?