Product Care – Galpon.Co Hat Makers

Product Care

Like any great relationship, the better you treat it they longer it will last. So follow these simple rules to have your hat for a long time:

When packing in your suitcase put clothes inside the hat and clothes around to protect the shape.

If the hats gets bent out of shape, you can steam it. Use a steamer and adjust the hat with your hand to fix the shape if necessary.

Please do not get the hat wet. You will because of sweat or you get caught in the rain. If this happens let the hat dry, once dry steam and if need to you can add starch to add firmness.

If you sweat a lot try to everytime you take off the hat wipe the interior band this way the oils from your skin do not get into the fiber of the hat.

Please do not use any chemical cleaners on the hat. After steam wipe with a clean damp cloth to clean.

Most importantly - DO NOT PINCH the front of the Hat. I understand how you are compelled to do so, but if you pinch consecutively for 2 year, the hat will deform and in the case of a Panama Hat it will end up breaking in the front.