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Who We Are began with the persistence of a woman and the knowledge of a man. Their passion stemmed from the idea of creating the best hat possible with the finest materials, and most unique styles. Most importantly, they wanted this venture to be accomplished while keeping the health of the earth in mind.

In 1996, Gustavo Lerner began creating genuine panama hats from Ecuador and selling them in Old San Juan, Puerto Rico. In 2004, Gustavo & Betsy met in Old San Juan, and since then she has been insisting on creating an innovative line of hats with fine materials, without sacrificing care for animals and thinking of the greater good. Ten years later, that vision became a reality. Betsy and Gustavo own a store front where they sell their distinguished ladies wide brim panama hats, original panama hats, and various fedora hat styles. These unique, hand-crafted pieces are now available through their online boutique.  

The Genuine Panama Hat Passion

Galpon.Co’s individualistic hats are all hand made with care by Gustavo Lerner and shipped from Ecuador where the company is based out of. Gustavo and Betsy ethically source all of their materials, ensuring that the production and crafting of all of their hats do not harm the local or global ecosystem.

Be sure to browse our wide selection of hats. Find warm weather panama weaved hats in our Resort collection and colder weather hats in our Invierno collection. When you purchase from Galpon.Co, you’re making a decision to differentiate yourself. To stand out from the crowd.

Questions about the process, the weave grade quality of a hat, or want to find our location in Old San Juan? Feel free to contact Gustavo and Betsy, as they are always willing and happy to discuss their passions for quality workmanship, the health of the earth and the city they live in.

Galpon.Co is elated to begin creating lasting relationships with all of their customers, make sure you’re one of them.